Frequently Asked Questions About Security & Fire Alarms

We understand that installing a security system is a big investment of your time and money. However, we also want to enhance the safety of your property and protect the people you love and the things you value. Here are some popular questions about products and services we have received over our 36+ years in service.

Fire alarms

Fire Alarms

Where should I install my fire alarm?

Most fires in the home begin in the kitchen, and most victims of fires are injured or killed because they weren’t notified in time while sleeping or in their bedrooms. So, you should install your fire and smoke alarms in hallways outside bedrooms, in living rooms and family rooms, and at a minimum have an alarm on every floor.

Do not install alarms in the kitchen, garage, and bathroom, or near a window or ceiling fan, because exhaust, dust, steam, and drafts can set off false alarms and affect its effectiveness.

Do I need a smoke alarm and/or a fire alarm?

Smoke alarms may be better suited for a home and fire alarms more suited to a school or office. A smoke alarm is set off by smoke particles in the air while a fire alarm can also sense heat. Fire alarms can include features like a central control and monitoring station, a sprinkler system that is activated automatically, lights, and a handle that can be pulled by anyone to set off the alarm.

Choosing what system works best for you will depend on the characteristics of your property. Get in touch with Alert Fire Alarms for professional help on choosing the right system.

How can I prevent fires in my home?

  • Most fires begin in the kitchen, so always check that stove, microwave oven, or other cooking equipment is turned off when not in use
  • Never leave something cooking unsupervised
  • Keep flammable items out of reach of children
  • Keep flammable items like cloths away from heat sources
  • Familiarize yourself with your house’s exits and plan an emergency rendezvous point for all members of the household; conduct your own fire drills too

How can I prevent fires in my office?

  • Smoke outside and deposit cigarettes appropriately, not on furniture and wastebaskets
  • Use CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved power bars and appliances
  • Turn off appliances at the end of the day
  • Leave space for air to circulate around heaters, computers, copiers, and other equipment
Security camera

Security Systems & Cameras

What kind of features can I add to my security cameras?

A security camera’s cost depends on the type of camera you purchase and what extra features you decide to add on. A standard camera shouldn’t cost too much, but add-ons like night vision, infrared, and live streaming to a smart phone are more expensive. 

Aren’t cameras an eyesore?

Many of our cameras are discreet. For example, a small dome camera can fit in the palm of your hand. While bigger cameras can act as a deterrent to potential intruders, there are smaller options that won’t ruin the aesthetic of your property.

What is the picture quality like on a security camera?

Many security cameras are far from grainy, offering 1080p high-definition quality or higher.

Are security cameras placed inside or outside?

They can be placed both outdoors and in. Some cameras, especially the more durable ones, are better suited for outdoor use because they can withstand weather damage, but most of them can also perform well indoors as “nanny cams.”

Isn’t getting a professional home security system overkill?

Getting a professional home security system may seem paranoid at first, but there are numerous benefits you may not have considered. From scaring off burglars before a break-in happens in the first place, to keeping an eye on children and pets, there are many other reasons to install a home security system.


Do you offer warranty?

We offer one-year warranty on all labour and product parts.

Have more questions we didn’t answer here? Please don’t hesitate to email or call us at Alert Fire Alarms for more information on fire safety, security, and our products and services.

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