Learn More About Fire Safety & Home/Business Security

While buying a professional home security system may seem like the move of a paranoid homeowner, the benefits of having one quickly live up to (and go beyond) the cost. Home security systems and alarms aren’t just for keeping out intruders. There are many other reasons – for security, convenience, or otherwise – to invest in a system that warns you of danger and keeps you safe.

Learn More About Fire Safety & Home/Business Security

Empty home

Out of Town

If you’re out of town and you notice you forgot to turn off the stove via your security camera, you can notify someone who has the keys to take care of that for you. Having a home security system allows you to avoid entrusting your home’s security entirely to another human. As responsible as we can be, humans make mistakes and are not always available.

Nanny cam

Nanny Cams

If you’re out of the room, you can keep an eye on small children and be alerted if they injure themselves. While a home security system is no substitution for real supervision (don’t leave your kids alone at home!) if you need to quickly take care of something outside the vicinity of your child, it’s a good safety measure to take. Similarly, you can keep an eye on your pets while out at work. Pets can’t call 9-1-1 and can get into all sorts of hazards when left alone.

Home owner insurance

Save on Homeowner Insurance

Homeowners with a home security system can save on homeowner insurance, as having a security system decreases the likelihood of accidents and burglaries that have to be paid for by the insurance company.

Carbon monoxide

Non-Human Threats

Not all threats come in the form of a scary person wearing a mask and brandishing a knife. Alarm systems can monitor smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, warning you of dangers to the environment.

Masked theif

As a Deterrent

The mere appearance of security cameras can act as an effective deterrent, preventing robberies in the first place. An amateur burglar would think twice about robbing a property with security cameras mounted everywhere!

Police lights

Alarms that Notify Law Enforcement Automatically

When something terrible happens, things can quickly get chaotic. Focus on keeping yourself safe knowing that your security or alarm system will automatically call the authorities – or loved ones – for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

As you can see, a home security system doesn’t just scare off the burglars. It can help you manage other aspects of your household too.

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Stay Safe From Fire

Learn more about fire alarms and the advantage of being warned early of danger.

Watch Over Your Home

A security camera can do more than just stand guard over your home at all times.

Fire alarm system

4 Benefits of Fire Alarms in the Home

Few things cause worse damage and fear in the home than a fire. Fire is indiscriminate – it will tear through your home and stop at nothing until it’s put out, causing destruction and even death along the way. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Fire alarms in Mississauga are a great way to prevent fires from spreading or alerting you to their existence. Here are the benefits of fire alarms in your home.

Fire Alarms in Mississauga – 4 Benefits

1. They Can Save Lives

The thing about a fire alarm is you won’t notice you have one until you need it – and then you’ll be glad you do have one. By having a fire alarm in Mississauga, you have the chance to escape the building and get to safety. Without it, the unthinkable may happen; if someone is sleeping and doesn’t notice the smoke or the fire, it may be too late for them already. A fire alarm alerts those inside the home of a fire in the earliest instance, giving them the largest window of time to get to safety, and therefore minimizing the risk of tragedy.

2. No More False Alarms

We’ve all experienced a dodgy smoke alarm at some point in our lives. Whether it’s going off for no apparent reason, or shrieking because of smoke caused by cooking. Whilst they are effective, they can be pretty annoying too, and make many at least think of taking them off. Fire alarms are different. With fire alarms there’ll be no more false alarms, so when you hear it you’ll know it’s the really deal and you can act appropriately.

3. Instant Emergency Service Notification

Technology has evolved so much in the last few years, and several evolutions have helped to improve safety. This is true with fire alarms in Mississauga. Nowadays there are plenty of fire alarms available on the market that will not only alert you to the presence of the fire, but they’ll instantly alert the fire department too. This can be crucial in terms of both saving lives and saving your property, as the quicker the fire service gets to your home then the quicker the fire is tackled and things are back to normal again.

Low Cost

A great advantage of a fire alarm is the fact that it’s so low in cost. With a low initial cost for the unit, you can afford to have the monthly maintenance carried out without worrying about the cost. Few things you’ll buy for your home will cost less whilst having the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it an essential purchase for anyone.

A Must-Buy Product

With their low cost and potential to save countless lives, a fire alarm is simply a must-buy product for any home. By alerting both your family members and the fire service to a fire at the earliest opportunity, you have a great chance of saving lives and your home than with any other product, so make sure you’re not without one.

Home security camera

A Look at the Different Types of Home Security Cameras

Protection against criminals can provide you and your family with stable peace of mind. If any illicit activities occur in or around your household, you’ll know that you’re well equipped to handle the situation at hand. Home security cameras are the perfect tool to keep away invaders. They come in many differing shapes, sizes, and prices, so it’s important to figure out which is the most fitting for the type of household you currently have.

Security Cameras in Vaughan and Beyond: The Options Available

The types of security cameras include:

  • Fixed Camera: Adjusted to a singular position, allowing for a reliable field of view wherever pointed with little complexity. Guaranteed to be pointed wherever you see fit, but be aware that they cover a small viewing space.
  • PTZ Camera: These cameras have the ability to pan and zoom an average of 32x, and can track an individual, albeit with a fairly limited field of view. While allowing automatic coverage of an area, self-use will prove much more effective.
  • 360 degree Camera: Can display video with a 360 degree field of view, this is seen as an optimum solution for many. In many indoor cases, objects such as furniture can obstruct viewing ability.

After deciding on your camera type, the most suitable home scenario must be chosen:

  • Outdoor: These cameras contain features allowing them to adjust to various lighting conditions and enough built-in protection to withstand heavy weather conditions.
  • Dome: A dome camera can give a potential intruder the illusion of covering a 360 degree field of view, while actually possessing a fixed angle. Could be useful for areas such as narrow hallways.
  • Bullet: Possesses exceptional video quality, however, they are very noticeable.
  • Discreet: Useful for disguising your security camera as something else, or completely hiding it in plain sight. Used by some for aesthetic purposes.

Last but not least, the features of security cameras in Vaughan households should be configured to your liking, including models with:

  • Resolution: Higher resolutions will demand more processing power and greater storage; however, they will capture minute details not seen otherwise.
  • Low light performance: There are a few different methods to overcome low light situations, one of the most popular being infrared illumination, however, this will most likely cause a noticeable dip in resolution.
  • Lens features: Components such as auto-focus have become increasingly popular and useful.
  • Ultra-high resolution: Perfect for viewing every little tiny detail.
  • Thermal imaging: Essential for viewing ability in dim or night-time conditions.

Home security cameras are an essential part of your wellbeing, a simple setup could prevent a plethora of harmful activities from occurring in and around your household, affecting you and your loved ones severely. The security cameras Vaughan homeowners have access to are an undeniably effective method to deter potential intruders.

For further information on security cameras and all the complexities that come with them, visit Alert Fire Alarms today.

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